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for anyone that still follows this blog, sorry for being whack. we’ve been busy writing and recording a new record, which will be released on vinyl this October. here’s a tour poster/info for some dates we’re doing next month with bloodpheasant. spread the word if you feel so inclined! see you on the road <3
august 6 - Leominster, MA- CAPTAINS LOUNGE( 7 - Rochester, NY- SHARK TANKaugust 8 - Columbus, OH- TBAaugust 9 - Kalamazoo, MI- FAT GUY FEST DAY 2 @ SHAKESPEARES LOWER LEVEL( 10 - Bloomington, IN- HOUSE SHOWaugust 11 - Covington, KY- THREE KINGS BAR( 12 - Pittsburgh, PA- TBAaugust 13 - Lancaster, PA- THE SEED( 14 - Philadelphia, PA- GOLDEN TEA HOUSEaugust 15 - Chester, NY- ELEPHANT GRAVEYARD( 16 - Willimantic, CT- WILLIMANTIC RECORDS

we’re not dead, we swear

okay, well, kind of. We’re still a band and stuff but we’re a bunch of fat, lazy idiots who haven’t been good at internet communication. Here’s some stuff that’s been happening/will happen soon!

-This weekend we’re playing some shows with Baltimore’s OLD LINES (ex-Ruiner, Pulling Teeth), here’s the info for those:

Friday, June 1- Providence, RI (w/ Xerxes & My Fictions)
Saturday, June 2- Cambridge, MA (w/ Cerce & Spectre Alone)
Sunday, June 3- Wallingford, CT (w/ Hunger Strike & Circle Circle)

-In a few weeks we’ll be heading over to Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, RI to record two songs for a RI hardcore compilation that features the likes of Soul Control, Convulsions, Barnswallow, Idiot Vehicle, Holy Night, Raindance, and a bunch of others. 

-We’re still in the process of writing for a new 7” entitled So You’ve Ruined Your Life (split release with Flannel Gurl Records and FITA Records), and a split with Richmond, VA’s loudest dudes The Blue Letter (label TBA). We don’t have much to say about those yet, but we promise they’ll blow the lid off of your coffee cans, and you might even get a sweet cover. Look for those later this year!

-We just posted the dates for our summer tour! We’re not going to post them here right now because there’s a lot of other stuff here and we don’t want to overload anyone’s mind grapes, but they’re on our facebook if anyone’s feeling fancy.

-We don’t really have a band vehicle right now, so if anyone wants to give us one then you should consider doing that. Also, Chris bought some new gear that he won’t use for weak teeth but will be using for a new band he’s in. So that’s cool too.

We hope you haven’t forgotten about us, because we haven’t forgotten about you! Check out our bandcamp and bigcartel pages for music and merch and pick up some swag. <3


BURNING LOVE (ex-Cursed/The Swarm)

POST TEENS (members of Torche)

SHE RIDES (PVD party rock)

WEAK TEETH (PVD HC noise attack)

@ DUSK (301 Harris Ave, Providence)

let’s get wild. 

positivelygodfree said: TELL me youre touring soon.

We’re doing a few weekends. March, May and June, but we’re kind of in a weird limbo with jobs and stuff. Here’s what I can tell you: we’re writing a new 7-inch, playing Get Better Fest in Keene, NH in April and hopefully doing a few weeks over the summer. Where to is TBA, but we’re easily swayed!

GET BETTER FEST 2. April 5th-7th (Keene, NH)



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If you’re in the area, region or neighborhood, come support an awesome cause at an awesome festival! aaaand come watch us be idiots in front of our friends <3

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we done started a-usin’ the ole twitterz

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Yo! We still use this sometimes! And we have cool updates!

So we have some things coming up that we should probably make public, cos that’s what bands do right? First off, we all have iPhones now. How neat is that? Now we can have four-way text message conversations in real time. Yay technology! Okay, now for some real shit. We’re playing this Sunday at AS220 in Providence with our main dudes Thrillhouse, Mike’s other band Gates, and our loudest cuties from RVA, The Blue Letter. It’ll be our last local show for a few months, so come and tell us that we suck. We’re also doing a weekend tour with our best buds After the Fall during the first weekend in March. Sick nasty bro! We have some other stuff coming up that we’ll post in list form below, cos that’s easier than making you read the stupid things coming out of our faces.

-1/22 - AS220, Providence RI

-3/2 - Acheron, Brooklyn, NY

-3/3 - Some punk house, Philadelphia, PA

-3/4 - Broadway Bar (matinee), Amityville, NY

-3/12 - Charlie’s Kitchen, Cambridge, MA

-4/6-7 - Get Better! Fest, Keene, NH

-4/14 - AS220, Providence, RI

Also, out new LP, what a plague you are, is almost out of its first print. If you haven’t picked up a copy, go to and grab one while you can! I think thats it for now. Stay tuned for more pointless things! We love you!

mitch dubey


Tonight I saw a hardcore band I can actually wrap my head around. Listen to weak teeth.

our friend emily, brought this to our attention tonight. this is a post from the late mitchell dubey after we played their house last march. we met him the same night, days before his death. RIP mitch, thanks for caring about what we do.


or States? And which side?!

…to tour this summer, dummy.

Anonymous said: y'all need to get a job, fucking hippies

First tumblr hate mail! Does this mean we’ve made it?